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Kirk Douglas stars in 'Paths of Glory', directed by Stanley Kubrick.

Reviews of Classic Movies: ‘Paths of Glory’

The term “anti-war movie” probably conjures certain images in your head. Many of the more well-known films in the category rely on visuals that present armed combat in grindingly realistic sequences: the often-cited D-Day landing in Saving Private Ryan, the sudden bursts of violence during the river voyage in Apocalypse Now, or just this year,…

Ben Affleck stars in 'The Accountant', directed by Gavin O'Connor.

REVIEW: ‘The Accountant’, a silly but watchable action thriller

“Do you like puzzles?” More than once in The Accountant, someone asks this question, usually referring to the mystery of the movie’s main character, Christian Wolff (Ben Affleck). Naturally, the question is also being posed to us, and I’m willing to bet that plenty of moviegoers would say yes. But the fun of a puzzle…