Time for a Change of Scene…

Announcement time! Since this is the first week of 2017, it felt like a good time to let everyone know that there’s some changes afoot here on the site.

In partnership with Jason Chen (with whom I’ve collaborated quite a bit here over the past few years), I’ve decided to re-brand Professionally Incoherent and move our operations over to a new site called Kinetoscope.

Kinetoscope will offer everything this site currently does, along with some extra goodies like an upcoming podcast and more frequent coverage of industry developments. You can expect more reviews, more industry-inspired rants, and hopefully more discussion with you, our faithful followers!

Why the need for a re-brand? Over the past year or so, the name Professionally Incoherent felt less and less relevant to me and the material we’ve been publishing. As I’ve written before elsewhere on the site, the name came to me out of the blue, and it’s never properly evoked what we talk about here. It’s also super long and difficult to remember, which has had an impact on traffic. Our other motivation was the platform: this site is built using WordPress, but our new one is powered by Squarespace, which has given us more control over design.

In the next several weeks, all the posts from the past five and a half years will be moving to the new site (and being made private over here). More excitingly, they’ll join all the great content we have planned for the future on Kinetoscope. We hope to see you over there!

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